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    Torcello Bridge

    The Torcello Bridge has the architecture similar to the historical Venetian bridges and has as a peculiarity the absence of the parapet.The Torcello Bridge crosses the Maggiore canal and connects the historic part of Torcello with the rest of the lagoon. Do you know the legend of the Devil’s Bridge in Torcello? The protagonists of the legend are the devil, a girl, a young Austrian and a witch.Legend has it that during the Austrian invasion a Venetian girl fell madly in love with an Austrian army officer. Recalling the classic love stories a la Romeo and Juliet, their union was frowned upon by the young Venetian’s family who forbade the…

  • Casa Museo Andrich
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    Andrich Museum reopens in April

    Here we are!On April 1st 2022 we officially open Casa Museo Andrich in Torcello. Casa Andrich overlooks the Velme and Barene of the Palude della Rosa, from March to September you can see the Flamingos from the banks where you can observe the most beautiful lagoon landscape of Torcello, immersed in a 11,000 square meter vegetable garden. Visits by appointment are carried out from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.Click here to make your reservation. Between history, works, culture and nature, Casa Museo Andrich guarantees you an unforgettable and unique day with a view of the lagoon. We are waiting for you

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