Museum opening Friday afternoon – Saturday and Sunday all day

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What the Museum offers

Artist’s house dedicated to Lucio Andrich and in memory of Paolo Andrich.
Statigraphic works, engravings, tapestries, works on glass and works on silk by Lucio Andrich.

Casa Andrich overlooks the Velme and Barene of the Palude della Rosa, from March to September you can see the Flamingos from the banks where you can observe the most beautiful lagoon landscape of Torcello, immersed in a 11,000 square meter vegetable garden.

Between history, works, culture and nature, Casa Museo Andrich guarantees you an unforgettable and unique day.

On reservation we offer experience with visits, fishing tourism and a meal with freshly caught fish.


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In the footsteps of Hemingway

In the newspaper of the sun it is immediately distinguished by the square shape of its bell tower and the bulk of its cathedral, suspended between water and sky on the horizon line that looks to the East, towards the Balkans. It almost seems to slide over the tops of the thick curtain of marsh reeds that surround the lagoon..



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Casa Museo Andrich has created a line of products dedicated to Torcello.

  • Amaro with Torcello Artichoke
  • Gin with Torcello Artichoke
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Torcello
  • Torcello Apple Vinegar 20 years
  • Torcello Lavender Honey
  • Honey from Barena Limonium from Torcello

Thanks Paolo for your contribution