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Torcello Bridge


The Torcello Bridge has the architecture similar to the historical Venetian bridges and has as a peculiarity the absence of the parapet.
The Torcello Bridge crosses the Maggiore canal and connects the historic part of Torcello with the rest of the lagoon.

Do you know the legend of the Devil’s Bridge in Torcello?

The protagonists of the legend are the devil, a girl, a young Austrian and a witch.
Legend has it that during the Austrian invasion a Venetian girl fell madly in love with an Austrian army officer.

Recalling the classic love stories a la Romeo and Juliet, their union was frowned upon by the young Venetian’s family who forbade the relationship of the two by removing her beloved from Venice.

At the news of the assassination of the Austrian officer, the young Venetian stopped eating and let herself be cradled in the imminent arms of death.
This contract involved the exchange of the souls of 7 children with the beloved young Austrian officer.

The young woman accepted and presented herself with the witch at the Torcello Bridge, the place agreed for this exchange.

The young Venetian and the witch crossed the bridge holding a lighted candle and a gold coin. Arriving at the point of the established bridge, the witch invoked the Devil.

Devil appeared and got the gold coin that was in the hand of the young Venetian and made the young officer appear on the other side of the bridge, keeping the pact.

Thus the young Venetian and the young officer reunited to be together for life.
The witch, however, was still indebted to the Devil for the 7 souls of the children and they agreed to meet again at the same point of the Torcello Bridge on December 24th.

This debt was never paid. A young man who was aware of this exchange murdered the witch to save the souls of the 7 children.
The Devil, unaware of the witch’s death, showed up on December 24 to redeem the debt without success.

Legend has it that every 24 December, the Devil disguised as a black cat, appears at the Torcello Bridge waiting for the witch and the 7 souls of the children.

Hence the famous name IL PONTE DEL DIAVOLO.

Casa Museo Andrich is just a few minutes by boat from the famous Devil’s Bridge. To book a guided tour at the Andrich House Museum click here

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